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Policies and Practices of Lee U Ceramics



Be aware that photos are never a true representation of color, which changes appearance under various light conditions-natural, incandescent, fluorescent-and may look different on various device/computer screens. Be aware that glaze (matte, glossy, metallic etc.), texture/form/surface detail, and size may not convey accurately in photographs.  


Make sure to note the measurements of the piece. It is highly recommended that a ruler be used to visualize the size of an item. Items like little trinket dishes or small biz card holders--any small piece--may look a bit larger or brighter in a photo (especially close-ups) than it is in actuality. Measurements are approximate and reflect the overall space the item takes up. Therefore, a curved free-form shape that is 1" on one side, 2" in another, and spans to 3" diagonally may be sized as "app. 3".  

​Clay bodies and glazes are rated non-toxic and food safe by their manufacturers, unless otherwise noted. No claims are made by LeeUCeramics. Do not subject the piece to stove top, oven, microwave, grill, dishwasher, chemicals, or freezing temperatures. Hand clean with soap and water. 


Shipping via USPS or UPS is included (at cost) in the price of each piece. There are no handling or packaging fees. LUC uses protective packing materials, recycled/repurposed as much as possible.  

​Expect a minimum of 3 business days, in-house, to process the order. The shipping time is in addition to the in-house processing. LUC is not responsible for any shipping issues; goods are insured. Consult the USPS and UPS for their terms of agreement.


Please contact Lee U Ceramics to discuss the situation if you are not satisfied for any reason. An even exchange or a credit based on purchase price may be offered. Shipping of approved exchanges or returns is at customer expense. 



What Information Is Collected And How It Is Used

At your request, specific information is collected to fulfill your order, to purchase online, to ship the products, and for general communication.  Any information collected on this website is strictly for private use and  customer convenience, and will not be shared with any public or private business, nor any personal or individual entity, except as required in order to process, pay for, and ship orders.

Securing Customer Information


Our website is secured with the latest security encryption methods in multiple levels to protect your personal information. No credit card information is ever stored on our website or in any electronic or paper format. Our payment processor, Pay Pal, is PCI compliant.

Paper checks: online transactions are preferred, however if  it is desired to send a check, please use the Contact form to initiate the process.

Third Party Sites

While our services may contain links to other websites, we are not responsible for their privacy practices. The technology may include computer cookies to enable proper functioning, your IP address or which page you are visiting.  Your interactions with third parties, including social media sites, are governed by their policies and not ours. LUC strictly limits adding buttons/links to only the most pertinent resources. 

Updating Your Personal Information

We take reasonable steps to keep your personal information accurate and complete.  If you need to change your personal information, contact us by email at

                                                                COPYRIGHT NOTICE


The design and execution of each handmade art piece, the associated images and descriptive text, including titles of pieces and series, are protected by © Lee Ustinich (Lee U Ceramics), registered or unregistered.  Copyright does not transfer with purchase; no license to reproduce is created. While it may fall outside of copyright protection, please refrain from producing duplicative or closely derivitive styles and products of Lee U Ceramics, including the use of ChaptGPT Images or other AI generators. 

Per Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. Identify the work as "Lee Ustinich" or "LeeUCeramics".  If in doubt about applicability, or needing written permission, please contact Lee U Ceramics.

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