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Five Practices that Pay Off

March 10, 2017

 Here are five tips for taking a home-based creative effort, like handmade and handcrafted ceramic pieces, to a new level---an online store.  These five things keep me truckin’ and have been invaluable and essential since day one.


1. Have great music and be sure to play it frequently.  I couple my music with incense from Nag Champa, using my own unique  incense holders, of course.


2. Do your homework. Find the most credible sources; research; seek out experts; take notes/make files; repeat, and journey on.


3. Ask for and get help where and when you need it, preferably for free.  SCORE - Service Corp of Retired Executives is fantastic for small biz resources and direct help.  In terms of your specific art/craft, seek out the experienced insiders who you can tap for help with the questions you haven’t been able to answer yourself.  


4. Use community forums, professional associations, online videos, retail sites, and groups such as on Facebook.  For example, I use the Ceramics Arts Daily (CAD) Community Forums, the Amaco & Coyote glaze groups on FB, the NH Potters Guild, and I also get technical information from CAD (they have wonderful free pdfs and short videos), plus my clay/glaze suppliers.   


5. Knowing the lingo is crucial.  For online marketing or web site building, you need to know even the most basic IT terminology (huh? wha? what is CRM, and why does it matter?)  I felt a bit overwhelmed at first, this being the equivalent of learning a new language, but I found a beginner's guide at


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