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Perfectly Cracked

March 13, 2017

I am greatly attracted to serendipity, and letting its energy enhance my life. I deliberately introduce cracks, cuts, tears, rips, holes, and other elements to certain pieces, to allow the piece to convey a sense of strength in the face of these challenges to stability, balance, structural integrity, functionality, and aesthetics.




Tea Light Holder; cracked porcelain, blue satin glaze


When clays and glazes present me with the realities of their nature, while others might view the piece as "flawed" from the perspective of correct craftsmanship, I prefer to metaphorically "honor the survivor". It's probably an odd philosophical stance, flying in the face of clay and glaze chemistry, and proper throwing and hand-building techniques. So be it! I have spent a lifetime "becoming aware" of Self and, as my artist statement notes (on my About page), WYSIWYG. 


#ceramics #clay art #pottery #creativity #unique gifts






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