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September 12, 2017


It was a lovely spoon rest…I was excited, anticipating what those mystery glazes are and how it will come out.  Terrible habit---which I am not willing to break: I do not take glaze notes.  Works for me.  I love it when several pieces have glazes that dry in the same dull brick red, so I no longer have any idea which is the shino over the rutile or vice-versa.


I am getting ready to fire tonight.  I’m listening to the Weavers’ masterful album, “The Best of the Decca Years.”  A wonderful version of Old Paint (Ride Around Little Dogies)  is entertaining me while I load greenware onto the utility cart.  I single fire, so that means I am not loading bisque.  That has nothing to do with the spoon rest breaking, though.  It broke because the handle failed.  I was not being conscious of the weight and glaze thickness of the spoon area vs. a relatively thin handle with fewer glazes, so it crashed when I lifted it by the handle, which cracked off, of course. Dunno what I was thinking—I really do know better. 


It is OK though…even as it hurts. I have been focusing on “honoring the survivor”, which informs the leaving of imperfections in my approach to the clay, and accepting gifts that may come of breakage.  That’s an over simplification, but it’ll have to do.  When the piece broke, I rescued the best fragments, smoothed the sharp edges, added more glaze/color features, and will make something of the “tragedy”.  That is often how life works, isn’t it, if we have the steam to keep on truckin’? 


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