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October 8, 2017


For last month’s fire, I did a porcelain piece from the Hidden Mask Series. Before I began glazing No.4, originally titled “No Secrets”, it broke in half. I had to noodle around for a while, deciding what I wanted to do. I finally discarded the other half. I glazed the survivor with sparks of color, on a white ground. I was very happy when I opened the kiln. See “Survivor of No Secrets”, No. 4 in my Hidden Mask Series.  


Getting ready for my next fire, around mid-month. I had to rehydrate two clay bodies, a wood fire, and a high fire porcelain, left over from my first anagama kiln wood firing experience (2014). Think concrete block. However much I hate the work of reclaiming clay, it had to be done “yesterday” for me to have anything to put in the 2017 fall anagama fire.


The opportunity is courtesy of the NHIA Community Education program, which enables non-students to access shelf space in the kiln and participate in shifts if desired, for a significant price reduction and a terrific learning experience. 


So far, I have managed not to break any greenware. This will be an 04 low fire that is a mix of Highwater raku, Troy ^10 word fire and porcelain, for bisque, and a test of a low fire body, as a single fire. The raku opportunity is courtesy of the New Hampshire Potters’ Guild and ceramicist Andy Hampton


Studio music: Number 17 on the 1988 Vanguard Recording of Joan Baez in Concert. That is Manha De Carnaval, sung with such exquisite, luscious, passion that not understanding Spanish is no detriment. Ignorance is bliss as far as not commingling the pure sound of her voice and her guitar with the burden of words. Made for clay!


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