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Figuring It Out

November 19, 2017

Finally figured out what I want to do with the business card holder that would not correctly hold the cards. I had miscalculated the shrinkage so it---pardon the pun—came up short. It has wonderful heft, at 14.8 oz. of solid Cool Ice porcelain. It is incised, excavated, and stamped, with a wash of Crystal Forest made almost clear. I call it Renaissance. (NFS) It is a lovely objet d'art. 



The excavation is the treatment of the interior, where I have roughly dug out the inner surfaces, to form a well for a functional piece, in my unique style. Hence, my personal descriptive marketing phrase, that "leeuceramics is Sculpturally Functional Ceramic Art."


I have been engaged with this digging out process, in many areas of my life, including clay, since the early ‘80s. I call the cumulative pieces the Excavation Series.




SO...I decided to use it as a sugar packet holder.




I will make a few cardholders-guarenteed to hold the card!- in this porcelain, same stamping, and at least 12 oz. in its solidity.


#ceramics #clay art #pottery #creativity #unique gifts

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