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Tailspins and Curlicues

January 22, 2018


Artful self-expression is, essentially, a collection of the interesting tailspins and curlicues that one has experienced or imagined. 


My personal accumulation of these point-in-time glimpses is a series I have titled The Artful Expression of Self; the number of seasons and episodes are unknown at this time, but I have been around the block a few times, so….


Writing is often how I can better hear myself think, and painting taps my inner landscape-I am a colorist at heart. Taking photos revs my spirit and renders captive that which I want to revisit. Handling clay is similar to being in an altered state--one that is benign, desired, and very cool...dunno why, it just is.


All of these activities, for me, generate an immediate, fluid, and participatory dialogue, within my brain, and they provide wonderful access to fascinating rabbit holes and wormholes, which, in turn, influences artful self-expression.


On another note, I am making some chunky clay beads for a test batch that I will fire in a couple of weeks. I am especially excited because another artist in the family, my daughter, will handcraft my neckpieces. I am also focusing on spoon rests, desktop items, catch-alls, and shallow trays, while getting my online store up and running. It is a lot of work, to do it right, and I have been a very slow mover—but that is going to change! 


#ceramics #clay art #pottery #creativity #unique gifts


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