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I am not a Robot

February 20, 2018

While working on my website I ran into one of those “I am not a robot” click here security things. I am testing out the subscription mechanism.


 “I am not a robot.” is a very provocative statement, when you think about it. I feel compelled to begin an internal monologue every time I check the box.


This, I should say, is not an unpleasant thing. I enjoy my own inner voice, and I am pretty good at curtailing unwanted distraction, which is a blessing. 


Speaking of ceramics, I have pulled out the best of the pieces I have done over the last year or so. I am in a near-daily process of preparing an initial offering, via my Shop, the first time it goes live. Probably before spring.



I am especially excited about my business card holders. They’re just fun. Beautiful glazes, wonderful clay bodies, and my own special touch. I also have some raku and wood fired pieces, which I just love.




#ceramics #clay art #pottery #creativity #unique gifts

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