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It is humbling, and very annoying, to deal with the reality that being in my 70’s is bringing measurable changes to my body, mind, & spirit. I’ll spare you the details.

While developing some workarounds to better navigate this new stage of life, I noticed that I use Facebook for “show & tell”. This is strictly for my own amusement. I truly would not care if no one saw, I didn’t get one Like, no “ha ha” emoji, no comments, or shares. Even as an audience of one it is still mentally satisfying to “communicate”. The process (probably has something to do with ego/sanity--whatever) is something I “have to” do in some form or other. Sort of like pinching yourself to see if you’re still there.

Well, it dawned on me over New Year’s that not using my website to take myself & others on my clay-journey, was just wasting a perfectly fine website. I had let it sit in limbo for all of last year, abandoned any notion of using it for e-commerce, and decided I was perfectly content for it to become the artifact of a defunct process. Now I have decided to reactive it...this should be interesting (to me, anyway).

Anyway, this is the first blog entry of 2021. I am making myself put energy and thought into Lee U Ceramics dot com, however all-over-the-place that manifests itself.

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