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Of all the ways to get a clue that I may be slippin’ & slidin’ with necessary organizational practices, the most reliable early warning sign is the status of my stash of daily-use plastic containers & lids. When they start becoming disarrayed, that is my “heads up” to not get lazy about putting things back where they belong. When it gets to where I open the cupboard and they jump out, onto my head and all over the floor, it is time to shift gears and go back to the original set-up before it gets really unmanageable.

My organizational style is essential for dealing with life on life’s terms. I have some cognitive deficit’s (who doesn’t) that require simple workarounds--no biggie, as long as I do it. Sticking to my coping mechanisms may make me seem (fill in whatever) but I have stopped explaining myself all the time & my way works like a dream. As l long as I don’t wander too far or for too long.

What’s that have to do with clay, you ask? Nothing...I’m just stalling over having to trim the remaining rough edges off a shelf-load of valentine greenware. Trying to get the kiln filled-need to get on with it.

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