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Hmmmm......a year ago I vowed to blog at least once a month & stop using FB for my process/progress clay work snippets. It just didn’t happen & I decline (I like that word--decline--so polite, yet so final!) to explore the issue any further, neither internally nor externally.

In any event, I am reentering the studio. Radical differences this go-round. Slower pace, lower volume, minimal market-driven motivation. That, and, I can barely throw on the wheel anymore without physical accommodations, which I am unwilling to install and use, so I’m primarily hand building.

The good news is that I still have my original tap root, which is viable and healthy. It is my source of aesthetic, emotional, creative, sensory, intellectual, satisfaction and challenge.

I’m returning to my rough & tumble, free form, stream of consciousness, approach. I suspect I will use fewer glazes and showcase the clay bodies themselves in plain organic forms, tho surprises and embellishments still attract, so who knows?

I am also resuming my Hidden Mask series, with several ready to be fired. Due to my large kiln, however, juxtaposed with my modest and leisurely paced output, that firing won’t be for a while yet. Gotta make more stuff.

Here is the Base Bowl (it is so heavy-luv it!) The clay is the wonderful Dragon Fruit body from the Industrial Minerals Company. It multi-tasks as a candle holder when turned on its head.

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