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  • Lee Ustinich


Well, there may be a few lies thrown in for good measure, by self-deception if not intentional, but in any event, the fact-as-truth, or vice versa, is that I have pulled my work, for now, out of the local retail gift boutique, which I was testing out to see if I might make some spendoolies.

It’s just not my thing (tourist trade/country-kitsch pseudo-crafts) and I have to do a major overhaul (internal & eternal facets) in order to accommodate that world. I think I want to, but...

I’m going to give myself six months to get it together. I will either have a strong start on a product line for rotating seasonal inventory, or I won’t. I also need to clear out much of my existing inventory. I need the storage space and I also want shift my head-space. I need to avoid an overload of visual cues from the “other” style. If it doesn’t sell via my “nearly-giving-it away pending clearance sale”, I could store it in opaque totes and stick it in the kiln room. Out of sight out of mind, essentially. I am also going to look into developing an Etsy store or link to FB Marketplace, tho I have little confidence that ceramics would sell well in those venues.