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UNTITLED 5-15-21

My internal stream of semi-consciousness, while going blah-blah-blah, sprouted up a word for me, like a new flower that popped up overnight: BLOG.

So, here we go---I am blogging today. This is the last procrastination (like the last cigarette). I am committing to have something to say, at least monthly. I’ll do one more in May so I’m back on track for the rest of the year.

What’s new: I am returning to my Hidden Mask Series and have some ideas spinning off from No. 7, Primal. I’m loosely exploring tribal, relative to my own ancestry, to the extent known. I am, tonight, opening that bag of clay that the Avoidance Goblin has been withholding from me. So, I am kicking him off the island...bye bye. 8/23 update--not going the tribal route, my ancestry is 60% Greek & Welsh, an even split, then a mash-up of other European countries. Too complicated.

What’s changed: I tried to get my head around going commercial, but the work that goes into assuring saleable seasonal/themed stock with non-stop new stuff in a smooth, timely stream, was just beyond my energy and focus. I did a 6-month stint in a retail boutique/tourist/gift shop. Crafts of a certain type. Despite plenty of great ideas and easy to make pieces, I just couldn’t make myself fit the mold. Plus, I was stunningly unsuccessful in that location, for my “sculpturally functional” semi-art pieces (they multitask, like this piece from the Desk Top collection. It was just the wrong crowd & the wrong setting.

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