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This will be Hidden Mask No. 11, Heart-Eyes
20230108_171416 (2).jpg

Getting more fluid & organic by the minute; doing draped forms w/cuts, tears, holes, craggy edges etc.

HMS No. 12 What Does She Sea? 

engobe on mask.jpg
HMS No. 7 WIP Primal.jpg

This (former) work in progress is an incised wall piece. It is No. 7 in the Hidden Mask Series, titled "Primal". The base glaze is black engobe; the overlays are cobalt, merlot, clear, and a deep yellow matte. It is the cultural appropriation of a tribal vibe infusing a Caucasian selfie. The clay body is Sheffield's Raku, but the planned invitational raku firing is not going to happen, thanks to COVID 19, so I used an electric kiln. 


Ready for a second firing; the "red" is iron-rich glazes-they will not fire red. One is a coppery brown and the other is a matte gray/blue. 

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